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afbeelding van Tanshin

A Beginner's Exploration: Er'cana

The New Players' Hood will be sponsoring a beginner's exploration of Er'cana this weekend at the following times:

Saturday, Feb. 12 at 13:00 KI Time
Sat., Feb. 12 at 3:00 PM EST
Sat., Feb 12 at 9:00 PM CET
Sun., Feb 13 at 9:00 AM AEDT
Sun., Feb 13 at 11:00 AM NZDT

Yes, the times are a little odd, but I feel that this is the ideal slot to get everybody in at a convenient time (unless you live in an unfortunate location between GMT and Australia. Not much we can do about that...).

So the day will go as follows:
- We will meet at the above times in the New Players' Hood/Bevin
-- In order to get to “The New Players' Hood/Bevin,” you must first obtain your KI from the Gahreesen Age. Then, link to the Nexus through the Nexus linking book found in the Linking Room in your neighborhood or the book next to the KI dispenser. Once you are in the Nexus, the link to The New Players' Hood/Bevin will be found listed in the Public Links section of the Nexus Register. Just link through the book that appears after you select the link and activate the book dispenser.
--- KIs can be obtained either through playing the age Gahreesen (you will encounter the dispenser fairly early) or by following the signs and instructions located in Bevin (accessible through the blue book on the upper left of your shelf).
- Once we are all gathered we will choose a person's Er'cana to use
-- At this point we will go over how to share books. At some point in the event we will likely go over age invites, however this will not happen in the Hood at that time.
- We'll explore! Lees meer

D'ni locatie: 
The New Players' Bevin
Datum van de gebeurtenis: 
februari 12, 2011 - 13:00
afbeelding van Lunanne

Illusions in the Cavern

Many explorers have been worried about the recent events in the Cavern. However according to the DRC, who researched it, there is nothing to worry about and there will come planned events for this kind of special effects.

As Dr. Watson said


Recently explorers experienced some strange sights in the cavern, raising some concerns about whether the Bahro were returning to the Cavern in larger numbers, among other things. Fortunately, our investigation has determined that Yeesha and the "friendly Bahro" are still keeping the "bad Bahro" at bay, and the sights in the cavern were a very convincing, elaborate hoax.

In the meantime, other explorers have asked for permission to set up a specific neighborhood to perform similar shows for those explorers who are interested. The DRC members have been in discussions and have decided to allow this. Two new neighborhoods will be created - "The Hood of Illusions", where illusionists and special effects designers can schedule demonstrations of their abilities, and "The Fun House" where various illusions and special effects can displayed at any time.

We hope these compromises will encourage cooperation between explorers no matter what stance they hold on whether these displays should be allowed in the Cavern.

Be careful down there,

Dr. Watson


For the OOC explanation : http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=364942#364942

afbeelding van Marten

Prologue Video Filming

For immediate release:

FILMING for the Great Tree Prologue Documentaries, Episode 8 (and possibly 9 as well) will commence at 3PM Cavern Time (3PM Mountain Standard Time) Saturday December 11 and on onward that day as possible.  Watch for me to sign in - my KI is #26838.  When I sign in, I will set the Great Tree Bevin to appear on the Nexus, and participants may gather there.

For those who have never participated in one of these filming sessions, here is what to expect and what I will be looking for:

In General:

  • I will need one or two people to help with "crowd control" for filming in Ae'gura (letting people linking into the area know that filming is in progress, and preventing new people from disrupting continuity in film scenes.)
  • I will be operating two avatars, one to give filming instructions and to interact with the crowd (sometimes acting out a part myself), and another avatar for filming.  Parts that I may act include Brian Fioca and Phil Henderson.
  • All instruction for scenes will be provided by text chat.  This will typically take the form of instructions like "Actor A, I want you to hold your TAB key for 3 seconds.  Actor B, when Actor A is done, I want you to hold your TAB key for 5 seconds.  Actor C, when that is done, I want you to laugh (/lol)."  
  • If you aren't familiar with it, the TAB key is normally used for voice chat so be aware that when you hold this key down you may be broadcasting your microphone input to the cavern.  However, the Prologue videos do not use voice so what you broadcast will not be part of the video. Lees meer

D'ni locatie: 
Great Tree Bevin
Datum van de gebeurtenis: 
december 11, 2010 - 15:00

Fan Age Updates for November!

Here are the fan Age updates for November!

All these things are available offline through Drizzle/UAM, or online through The UAM Shard!

New Ages from November
Eder Tomahn by Andy Legate
Checkers by Karkadann
Cidoirep by J'Kla

Updated Ages from November
Serene by Andy Legate
Hui by Christopher
Neolbah by Andy Legate
Ahra Pahts (in particular, shell 415 by Dot, Ametist, and D'lanor)
UamKiPlugin (Now turns on Christmas, Halloween, and New Year's stuff at the appropriate times.)

(The latest list is always here: http://dusty.homeunix.net/uru-ages/uam.updates.htm)

Screenshots and Walkthroughs are at http://dusty.homeunix.net/wiki/UAM/Ages  (Some of the just-released Ages aren't on the walkthrough yet, but it is fully up-to-date as of a week ago.)

Have fun!

afbeelding van Marten

Cyan updates: new puzzle game, Steam and iPhone Riven

News on Cyan has been piling up in the past month!  Here is a quick rundown, saving the best for last.

Cyan games on Steam

On August 4th, the same day Cyan announced Manhole launched for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Cyan games began appearing on Steam, though the official announcement didn't hit Cyan's website until August 18th.  The following games are available:

  • The Manhole: Masterpiece Edition
  • Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel
  • Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo
  • realMyst
  • Riven: The Sequel to Myst [See note below]
  • Uru: Complete Chronicles

To find them all on Steam, just search for cyan.

Note:  According to the Steam page, the Steam version of Riven: The Sequel to Myst (part of the "Cyan Complete Pack") is not compatible with Windows XP.  Check forum discussion at Myst Online for possible solutions.

Also Note: As of this writing, the Cyan Complete Pack is $19.99.  Manhole Masterpiece and Spelunx are also $19.99 - each - although both are included with the Cyan Complete Pack!

Also Note x2:  Check the screenshots page for Uru: Complete Chronicles for many old Uru development screenshots, including previously unreleased images of an earlier Cleft and Gahreesen.

Cyan launches "Coming Soon" page for Riven on iOS; Riven HD expected for iPad
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